Ligonier Ministries

Surprised by Suffering with R.C. Sproul

One moment, we’re healthy, comfortable, and happy. The next moment, we find ourselves ill or injured, struggling, and distraught. Suffering tends to catch us by surprise, and we’re sometimes tempted to question God’s character amid our confusion. In this series, R.C. Sproul outlines how God relates to our pain and how He helps us to stand in times of trial.


The Providence of God with R.C. Sproul

Many of us have experienced disaster and great blessing. How does all of this fit in God’s plan for the world? In this series, R.C. Sproul shows the wisdom and power of the Lord’s sovereign rule, clarifying how God’s sovereignty doesn’t eliminate human freedom and actually encourages us to pray.


Dealing with Difficult Problems with R.C. Sproul

How will you respond when the news of the world causes great anxiety, when you lose your job, or when your spouse betrays you? In this series, R.C. Sproul addresses ways we can face life’s challenges with faith in the sovereignty of God and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.


The Book of Job with Derek Thomas

Why does God permit suffering? It’s a question all of us have asked, and the book of Job points us toward the answer. In this series, Derek Thomas walks us through the book of Job and considers what the Bible says about our darkest moments and how we can learn to trust God in every trial.


Attributes of God with Steven Lawson

It’s the most important question we can ask: Who is God? In this series, Steven Lawson articulates the attributes of God as the Lord has revealed them in His Word, exploring how a right understanding of God affects every aspect of our lives.


A Time for Confidence with Stephen Nichols

Christians often feel disoriented and even frightened in a society that is quickly abandoning its Christian past. What should we do when leaders and organizations fail us? In this series, Stephen Nichols reminds us that though the world may shake around us, God’s kingdom is unshakable. This is a time for confidence.


The Great Commission with Burk Parsons

Jesus has called His church to make disciples of all nations. This is a significant task, yet it’s one the Holy Spirit enables us to accomplish as we rest in the authority of Christ over all things. In this series, Burk Parsons carefully examines how Jesus calls us to fulfill this calling in our homes, churches, communities, and to the ends of the earth.